Non accredited - Child/ young person at Risk

This unit is a non-accredited child protection training course that applies to workers in a range of job roles providing services to children and young people in childcare, education, community services and health contexts. This includes for those who are not required to undertake accredited training but are required to be aware of the indicators of abuse or neglect and how to respond. This course will also assist those students required to complete Refresher training to demonstrate up-to-date knowledge of the laws and their obligations to meet the requirements of Regulation 84 and Quality Area 2.

It is designed to build awareness and provide the education required to identify, respond, support and protect children and young people who are at risk of harm. It provides participants with an awareness of child abuse and neglect including the indicators of the different types and dynamics of abuse as they may apply to age, gender, disability, culture and sexuality.  Completing this course, students will understand the wider context of child protection within the framework of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, Federal and state/territory legal requirements as well as the ethical considerations and duty of care responsibilities

Units Delivered

The following units will be included in your certificate:

Non accredited - Child/ young person at Risk

Course Delivery

This course can be delivered/assessed in the workplace or at facility organised by the training provider.

Course Durations

Course durations can vary for multiple reasons, so the durations below are the minimum possible amount.

Online with face-to-face assessment Face to Face contact time of at least 30 Mins

Online study: Students must have access to a computer, smartphone, tablet or other electronic device with access to the internet to complete the online/ pre-course studies.

Individuals undertaking this course will be expected to complete both written and practical assessment tasks.

This certificate does not require renewal

Please note that enrolment to this course is made with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909. Please refer to the student handbook located on the RTO website ( for all details relating to rights and responsibilities including complaints and appeals.

Assessments conducted during face-to-face training session(s) include:  

Practical scenarios – The assessor may provide the practical scenarios provided in Training Desk:

    Scenario - Child/ young person at risk disclosure

    Scenario - Child/ young person at risk reporting

Theory assessment – A written assessment consisting of online multiple-choice questions. 

This course is delivered and assessed on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909